Our assignments include searches for board members, chief executive officers, senior management and medical and scientific executives across all functions and disciplines, and for companies at all stages of development and growth. We are distinguished by:

Global reach. When our clients look to fill a position, they want the best person for the job, whether he or she is in San Francisco or Zurich. In today’s borderless economy, the traditional one-office boutique is an increasingly inadequate alternative to the large global recruiting firms. That is why we have offices in New York, London and Los Angeles, and our consultants have extensive experience with the senior talent markets in both North America and Europe.

Relentless execution based on close management of the process. Finding the right people for challenging roles is the core of what we do. But as important as it is, it is only one of many things on our clients’ task lists. And our candidates are faced with the ongoing demands of their current positions. Our high success rate is due to a process-driven approach that keeps each party—the client, the candidates and ourselves—focused on the search process and collaborating effectively.

A focus on assessment and communication. At first glance, the growth of social media tools might seem to have commoditized the search process. In fact, however, it has only commoditized the ability to locate people and determine their career histories. The success of a search has always been determined by what comes after: assessing the fit of the candidate to the requirements of the role and the culture of the company, and positioning the opportunity to the candidate in the most compelling way. Our deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses and our experience working with top-tier candidates gives us an unsurpassed capability in this critical area.

A culture of questioning. Attracting transformative talent is more than just out-muscling a supply-and-demand problem. It often requires a nuanced rethinking of the position and the type of person the position demands, and the ability to see the company and the position through the eyes of the candidate. Our team-based approach and culture of questioning encourages open discussion and multiple points of view at each step in the search process, driving an approach that treats each search as unique and as part of a larger strategic initiative.