Building an Early-Stage Management Team: 
A Platform for Value Creation

For early-stage biopharma companies, having the right management team is just as important—if not more so—than investors and capital. Catalyst Advisors' Stephen J. Williams, Ph.D., walks through the common pitfalls and best practices around this critical task.

Going to Market:
CEO Recruitment at a Critical Inflection Point

When a biopharma firm makes the jump from clinical to commercial, the board often brings in a new CEO with experience in navigating the new demands this evolution brings. Recruitment industry news source Hunt Scanlon takes a look at how Catalyst Advisors worked with three such biopharma companies to land the right chief executive.

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Just Don't Call Me Late for Dinner (Title isn't Everything)

Catalyst Advisors' Steve Williams on the challenges job titles can cause for both candidates and companies.

When the Grass is Greener (and Smaller):
Making the Move to an Earlier-Stage Company

When a senior biopharma executive moves from a larger organization to a smaller one, it can be exhilarating for both sides. But there are risks as well. Catalyst Advisors' Evan Fishel sets forth the things candidates and companies need to keep in mind before making that leap.

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The 2017 Biopharma Industry Review and Outlook: Leadership Trumps Everything

In our 2017 Review and Outlook, we examine what is required of leaders in today's uncertain environment and discuss several key talent management issues, including the ongoing shortage of board members, the need to bring greater diversity to both boardrooms and senior management, the growing importance of internal leadership development and the advantage that comes from effective restructuring, whether due to acquisition or growth

Where Will Biopharma Find 600 New Board Members?

John Archer and Todd Aghazadeh of Catalyst Advisors teamed up with Atlas Ventures' Bruce Booth to quantify the demand for biopharma board members, revisiting the analysis of two years ago. The bottom line: More than 600 new board members will be needed over the next several years, forcing the industry to cast a wider net for director candidates.