Why I Chose to Join Catalyst Advisors

After more than 20 years at a large global recruiting firm, I left. I wanted to focus on clients with innovative therapeutics and work in a more collaborative corporate culture.

At the big firm, there were 200-plus engagements per year in health care, but a large proportion of those was with hospital groups, diagnostics, devices, and in consumer health care. It was a generalist firm, and I was pulled in many directions.

While collaboration was a theme pitched to the clients, colleagues were rarely available for input or assistance because they were immersed in their own projects. The firm was pursuing scale, and I juggled 20 projects at a time—as did my colleagues.

As we get older, we hopefully get wiser. I joined the big firm because they talked about collaboration. I left and joined Catalyst Advisors because the team lives and breathes it. Collaboration is the heart and soul of our strategy, and it allows us to tap our collective expertise and institutional knowledge for the benefit of our clients. It is our IP, our secret sauce. We do not spend our time advertising our collaboration; we just do it.

One of our newest partners called me recently and said she wanted to work together on one of our new projects rather than lead it on her own. That speaks volumes about the natural inclination at Catalyst Advisors to team up on behalf of the clients.

Among the leaders of the firm, there is a collective 120 years of experience in therapeutics. Because of that long arc, there are very few places in the market where we do not have personal connections.

We invest in long-term, meaningful relationships with clients. We are selective about which companies we work with, and everyone at Catalyst Advisors works together to deliver strong results to those clients.

The growth of our business is the natural consequence of our attention, selectivity, and hard work. I left a big firm to join a small firm—yet in fact, as we deliver high-quality results to innovative therapeutics companies, Catalyst Advisors has quietly become one of the leading firms in this space. 

I enjoy the team of experts I collaborate with and the clients we serve. Joining Catalyst Advisors was the right decision.

Why I Chose to Join Catalyst Advisors
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