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Cissy Young, who joined Catalyst Advisors at the beginning of 2023 as a Partner, has had afascinating career journey. Her rich set of experiences in the biopharma industry—from herscientific training to working on early-stage company formation and financing, to businessdevelopment and strategy— has enabled her to quickly assess business contexts and understand diverse perspectives
NEW YORK, July 26, 2022 – Catalyst Advisors LP, an international executive recruitment and assessment firm singularly focused on life sciences, announced today the appointment of new Director, Andrew (AJ) MacBride Brown. Mr. MacBride Brown’s robust search and advisory experience in the life sciences industry will be instrumental in connecting high-caliber board and C-suite
Members of the Catalyst Advisors team attended multiple private, VC-sponsored conferences recently. It was a joy to get back to live, in-person meetings. The presentations sparked some timely ideas, and the hallway encounters led to engaging and open conversations with many research and development and regulatory leaders in our industry. The conference presentations and
After more than 20 years at a large global recruiting firm, I left. I wanted to focus on clients with innovative therapeutics and work in a more collaborative corporate culture. At the big firm, there were 200-plus engagements per year in health care, but a large proportion of those was with hospital groups, diagnostics,
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